We first met Angelina and Edmond two years before their wedding and photo shoot with us.

There aren’t enough words to describe their feelings for each other. All we can say from our side is that this would be one of our most favorite yet challenging project. When so much passion is present you need to be in a position to get the most out of them and bring out in to your images. After careful planning of all the locations, an amazing palace hotel in Paris and beautiful wedding location in Santorini, we got into the styling sessions.

We had several meetings held in Singapore as well as online to plan their four stunning looks. Angelina is a very beautiful dynamic woman with amazing silhouette and elegant fashionable style. We created a more princess style look for her Paris photoshoot with two gorgeous ball gown dresses and a more elegant romantic look for Santorini. As she is a very successful businesswoman in cosmetics, she had very high and specific expectations for her styling which were met by our skilled teams in Paris and Santorini. Edmond, a confident businessman with great looks, has his gentleman tuxedo tailor made on him for our Parisian project, matched with black patent lace up shoes. He also had a blue suit for his Santorinian wedding, which matched perfectly with the aesthetics and colours of the day as well as with the blush pink wedding gown that Angelina had custom made.

Their wedding was beautifully decorated with pastel colour flowers and an elegant gazebo. We shall never forget the look of Edmond when he turned and faced his princess walking in from the door to meet him under the soft blue February sky. He was complete. Everything he wanted was right there. And while we thought that this would be the peak of the wedding we were stunned once more from the vows that Angelina had written for him. She was complete just having him in her life. They will be always in our hearts and our minds as one of the most sincere and pure love stories ever told.

Thank you Angelina and Edmond!