We met the romantic couple in Singapore a year prior to their photoshoot in Europe, in various destinations. It was clear  that we had to fulfil a promise . A promise given from a man  to his soulmate that he would fulfil all her dreams.  And Joachim is such a man . The challenge was to bring together a puzzle of three amazing different landscapes into one coherent story.Our chosen locations ,inclusive in this experience, ensures an unparalleled result.  First and most important step, as always, to arrive to the selection of the appropriate gowns. Two beautiful princess gowns for for Salzburg, 2 elegant gowns for Paris and two casual yet stylish looks  for Santorini. Our stylist had to compose using his pallet of different colors six matching makeup and hair styling creations. And of course our groom, with his elegant charming  look, matched his princess with a tailored made tuxedo and two suits, one grey and one blue. The gentleman look in the suits was complete by the use of vest.

The creativity and enthusiasm  which the couple inspired us was one of the key elements to contribute to the success of the project. Each location, with its picturesque beauty, needed very careful approach in order to bring out the most of our story. We can’t forget Sze looking out of the window palace while it snowed or Joachim playing piano at the Eiffel Suite in Plaza Athenee Paris.They were both romantic, passionate and caring for each other all the way long. We bow before this love story and wish Joachim and Sze to stay like this forever!